Hey, welcome back!
This blog is all about how I achieve a copper/bronzy Smokey eye, perfect for evening/ nights out or even every day.
There is a quick video on how I created this look on my Instagram @alicegreenman97. If you’ve come from my Instagram to read my step by step and what iv used.. HEY!!!

STEP ONE: THE BASE- For the base colour I use Chantecaille mermaid eye colour in ‘Copper’. I love cream eyeshadows for the base, they blend perfectly and give a lovely sheen. They are also great if your skins more on the dry side.


STEP TWO: THE TRANSITION COLOUR- This is the colour you use in the crease, also known as the ‘cut crease’ colour. Colours that work well are normally orange/terracotta/warm browns, they soften the look but also give a warm defined finish. For this I used Laura Mercier baked eyeshadow in the colour ‘Terracotta’, it’s the perfect colour for the crease.


STEP THREE: THE CREASE COLOUR- To smoke the eyes out and create some definition, I use my Too faced sweet peach pallet. I use a dark bronzy brown shade called ‘Caramelized’ in the crease. I then use an eyeshadow stick crayon for under my eyes, I use Rimmel scandal eyes in ‘buffing’ which is a bronze metallic brown. I then blend everything out with a fluffy brush.

STEP THREE: THE INNER CORNER COLOUR- This is the shade that will make your eyes pop/stand out! For this I use shade ‘nectar’ in the sweet peach pallet. I use this in the corner of my eyes, the inner corner and under the brow bone, it’s a champagne/cream colour perfect for highlighting the eye.

FINAL STEP- Mascara! This just brings the whole look together, volumizing and lengthening the eyelashes. For mascara, I use ‘Lash sensational’ it’s a great and amazing value.

For brushes I use the Zoeva complete eye set. It comes with everything you need to create the perfect Smokey eye.


TIP- if you’re like me and have hazel eyes, use a soft blue in the water line, this brings out the yellow in your eyes making them appear brighter while also defining the eye. It’s also a lot softer than black- Here is the completed look!

This look is very versatile, you can use a softer version in the day, or smoke it out for an evening. It pairs well with any lip colour because the eyeshadows are soft and warm colours so wont clash. I love pairing this look with a nude lip. My favourite is Charlotte tilbury ‘Nude Kate’.

Thankyou so much for reading!
Alice x

Watch my video on my instagram: alicegreenman97


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