1. Ditch the makeup wipes! Opt for a cleanser, realistically they take the same amount of time and don’t leave your skin feeling dehydrated.

2. Remember to moisturise! Use moisturiser am & pm for optimal results & hydration.

3. Exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin cells and brighten skin

4. Remember to use sun screen even in England- it prevents sun damage, ageing & prolongs healthy, glowing skin.

5. Don’t sleep with makeup on

6. Oils are the ideal antidote for dry skin, they’re also the perfect makeup primer- giving you a radiant glow.

7. Choose products according to skin type

8. Drink plenty of water

9. Leave blemishes be – they’ll heal better and you’ll have fewer unwanted marks later.

10. Eat healthy. Antioxidants, good fats, and essential vitamins and minerals benefit your skin.


Before I worked in the beauty industry my skin was VERY dry, I had a mild form of eczema on my cheeks. I found these 10 tips really helped my skin and I’m finally happy with how my skin looks. This photo is me with nothing on my skin, just moisturiser and a bit of bronzer.

Thank you for reading



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