Unfortunately for me my holidays are over for the year, but i know there’s probably a few of you still looking forward to a holiday coming up (if so I’m very jealous!) I feel like the sun has officially gone and I’m debating whether to put the heating on or save money and freeze under a blanket. That’s my current situation, so i thought id do a blog post on something sun related (also requested by my friend as she’s got a holiday coming up!)

These are the essentials i take on holiday with me and love.


For sun cream i use the Institute Esthederm  sun care oil in extreme sun ( 3 suns). The reason why i love this is because you don’t burn it also produces more melanin in your skin for a deeper, safer tan and for well-nourished, enhanced skin results.


I always use an after sun to keep my skin hydrated and to prolong my tan, the Garner summer body lotion is perfect if you want a good moisturizer that gives a subtle healthy glow at the same time. Especially on the first few days of holiday, if you’re like me and represent Casper the ghost. Its also really affordable and smells like apricots!


On to make up, this has to be one of my favourite products EVER. On holiday especially. If you want a radiant dewy base but don’t want a heavy full coverage foundation the illuminating tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier is perfect. Its light weight and buildable, it also has a radiant illuminating glow (hence the name) and SPF 20 so perfect for summer evenings.


I love to be bronzy on holiday and for some reason i find creams better when I’m away, i love the NYX wonder stick, i use the contour side as a bronzer in the evening to give me a warm glow and use the other side to highlight where needed.


For moisturising my skin on holiday i love something rich, the TLC cream from Eve Lom is great if you suffer from dry skin. The plant oils really smooth and nourish your skin after a day in the sun, you only need a tiny amount of this so lasts ages!


I have a few good lip balms but this is a very old favourite. It instantly hydrates your lips but also gives you a lovely peachy nude colour, perfect for everyday and easy to top up. Also its only £3, bargain!



LVL lashes, i love getting LVL lashes before a holiday they lift your natural lash and mimics the appearance of mascara. If you want more information on what they are i have a full blog post on them.


I always get gel nails done before i go away, they last ages and go well with a tan. I get them done by my talented friend Georgie Brindle. (message her if you want fab nails!!)


I do like to get a few sun beds before i go away i find i don’t burn or get prickly heat when i do. I use the sun angel because its apparently better for you, it tans you slower with less intense heat, its 20 minutes per session.

I hope if you’re going away you have the best time and bring the sun back home with you!!!

Thanks for reading

Alice xxxx

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