iv wanted to write a post on my skincare regime for a while now. I love skincare and using the right products for your skin can make such a difference. I personally have dry/dehydrated skin and iv found this regime to really help combat that. Every product works differently on different people’s skin. If you’re at a loss with your skin and feel like you don’t have a ‘regime’ id definitely recommend going and speaking to someone about what products would be best suited for you.


Unfortunately for me and my siblings we’ve always suffered from a mild form of eczema on our cheeks. I never really noticed when i was younger but as i grew up i started feeling like my skin always felt rough and tight. Here is a photo of my sisters cheeks a few years ago (i cant find any of my skin) but mine was exactly the same! (Just very red and rough skin)



Cleansing my skin was a big game changer for me, i used to use makeup wipes and actually thought they were the best thing for my skin. I rarely bothered to even take most of it off and sometimes just used water if i didn’t have any wipes. Id still be doing this now if i didn’t work in the beauty industry, its taught me so much about skincare. I immediately saw a difference in my skin when i opted for a cleanser instead. I love balm and oil cleansers, as my skins dry i love anything that feels nourishing! I go between different cleansers. The one I’m enjoying at the moment is the Caudalie makeup removing cleansing oil. Its  infused with a blend of oils, including sunflower seed, sweet almond and grape seed to deeply cleanse the skin. I use one pump and massage it into my skin, it melts my makeup off and even waterproof mascara, i then take a hot cloth to take it all off. When i used makeup wipes my skin was left extremely tight and dry but with using a cleanser my skin feels nourished, moisturised and fresh!



I probably love oil so much because it’s so nourishing, i use an oil day and night after iv cleansed my skin, for me this works better for my skin than a serum (at the moment). The oil i use is an absolute bargain and its fantastic! The brand is called ‘The Ordinary’ and you can find it on Asos, it was actually recommended by my friend Izzie ( a skin guru!) she gives me great skincare advice. I use the organic cold pressed rosehip oil, rosehip oil is a fabulous component of your skin care routine because it is full of beauty-boosting vitamin A, vitamin C and the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. I also find using an oil under my makeup gives me a dewy radiant glow, which i personally love!



Yep, i use and oil then a moisturizer!(my skin needs it) I used to slap any old moisturizer on my face, sometimes i wouldn’t even bother, now the thought of stepping out the house with out it makes me cry!! The moisturiser I’m currently using is the Sunday Riley ‘Tidal’ it has two weights of hyaluronic acid, alongside resurfacing papaya enzymes and brightening white bird of paradise extract, its a gel-cream formula that intensively hydrates all skin types. It fills the skin with much-needed moisture to smooth, plump and restore youthful dewiness. It’s not cheap, but for me its worth it and has made a big difference to my skin.


After finding a good skincare routine my eczema finally seemed to go, it took a while and i tried many different products. I still suffer from dry skin, and i have days where my skin can still feel rough and dry but nowhere near as bad as before. I also found that replacing foundation with a tinted moisturizer really helped my skin (but i feel like ill do another blog post on my that!) Before working at Space NK i was clueless about skincare, and if i never worked there i still would be! Iv found an inner skincare passion in me i never knew about, i was lucky enough to be trained on a lot of brands over the past two years, although I’m not a top specialist i guess i know a bit more than the average person! That being said, if you have any questions or want any help with your skincare regime, id be happy to help! (I love recommending my friends products and helping them!) Here is a photo of my skin now with nothing but bronzer on.


Thank you so much for reading!

Alice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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