Over the years I’ve picked up tips and tricks in the beauty industry. I thought I’d share the ones that have helped me! (Some more obvious that others)

1. Always cleanse your skin

2. Always moisturise your skin before foundation/tinted moisturiser

3. If you want a radiant glow, add facial oil to your foundation

4. If you have dry skin use moisturising gradual tan rather than foam

5. Use peels!! (They sound scary but they’re life changing)

6. Don’t use water or makeup wipes to take your makeup off

7. Use cream eyeshadows as a base colour (they blend amazing)

8. Invest in skin care

9. Don’t leave your makeup on overnight

10. Use bronzer & blush together

11. Don’t over pluck your eyebrows, you’ll regret it

12. Use facial mists to refresh your face/makeup

13. Try a tinted moisturiser and build up coverage where you need it with concealer rather than going in with a heavy foundation

14. Use a primer that suits your skin (oil free, hydrating, radiant)

15. Use neutral toned lip liner to outline your lips for a plumper but natural look.

16. Use bronzer where the sun naturally hits ( forehead, bridge of nose, cheeks)

17. To prevent flaking, consider light exfoliation once a week. Moisturizing without exfoliating first can result in breakouts and dull skin.

Thank you for reading.. and If I think of anymore I’ll let you know!! 😘 ALSO i LOVE people messaging me asking for advice be it skincare or makeup.. or just a chat in general I mean I’m not Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist but I know my fair share! Get in touch via insta ☺️💗

Instagram- alicegreenman97


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