I’m sat here ill and resembling Casper the ghost so thought I’d tell you my fake tanning routine. (Which is much needed right now!!)

I have really dry skin so this is the routine that works for me, it will also suit all skin types!

This is the routine I’m using at the moment. Just two simple products.

For face: Tan-Lux rejuvenating miracle tanning oil. £34

So for my face I don’t use body tanning products, only because I find they block my pores! Iv used tan luxe before and love it, it lasts so long (like a week) this is the overnight rejuvenating tanning oil. It’s a hydrating face oil and tanner all in one! It’s packed with natural tanning actives, use regularly to eradicate dry, dull skin and wake with a healthy-looking glow. Now I’m going to be honest, if you have spot prone skin I wouldn’t recommend. only because it SOMETIMES gives me the odd spot. I still however absolutely love this, I put it on overnight, and wake up with a tanned face! (Make sure your skin is cleansed and clean before applying) they also do many other tanning products which are amazing!

For body: Bondi Sands everyday liquid gold oil £13.99

For my body I use the bondi Sands everyday liquid gold oil. I stick with oils because it works with dry skin better than mouse or sprays. This ones a great natural tan. Its infused with coconut and Argan oil so super hydrating. It develops in 2-3 hours, I put this on overnight. Its more for everyday rather than a night out as it is more of a subtle glow! The colour is lovely too, it’s like a brown orange rather than a red orange, if that makes sense! I put this on with my hands and it doesn’t streak at all.

These are the two products I’m loving at the moment to give an everyday healthy glow!

(Here’s a photo of me the day after I used the products) My natural tan was nearly gone here but these two products really helped enhance and prolong it!

They’re great products for the winter months too, as they’re not super dark and obvious but just make you look a bit healthier!

Thank you for reading. Let me know what tanning products you love!!

Alice xxx


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