I never really bothered doing anything special to my lips. I used to put on a tinted lip balm or a moisturising lipstick and that’s it. I’d say in the last year Iv discovered how amazing lip liner is! I can’t believe I never used it before. Now I can’t live with out it.

Iv managed to make my lips look a lot more plump and defined. Here’s how Iv done it!

Before and after:

So the first picture is with out lip liner, second picture is with. I haven’t over lined my lips Iv simply gone over the natural line, but it makes such a difference! I think with lipstick you miss a lot of your lip out. I find using matt liquid lipsticks work best if you’re wanting a plumper look, you can kind of blend the lip liner in with the lipstick for a more natural look.


Iv used the Kevyn Aucoin flesh tone lip pencil in ‘medium’ to line the outside of my lips. My main tips for this is 1) don’t over line your lips, or if you do don’t over line them to much. If you follow your natural lip line your lips will already be a lot plumper than before. 2) Use a lip liner that’s the same colour as your lips. This way it looks more natural rather than looking like you’re drawing your lips on!

After this I use a Matt liquid lipstick from NYX called baby doll, it’s a pinky nude. I let this dry and pat it into my lip liner, blending them in together.

I then put a lighter shade lipstick in the centre of my lips. This varies but I like the shade ‘Kim k’ from Charlotte Tilbury. It’s a very pale nude!

And that’s it! My friends keep asking me if Iv had lip fillers, I really haven’t haha! Iv just discovered how great lip liner is and it can make such a difference.

Iv also bought a great lip plumper the other day called ‘Project lip’ it’s a lip primer. You rub your lips together to activate the plumper (it does burn) but it’s great! And only £12. Here’s a before and after they had on their website.

And it looks like this!

Thank you for reading!

What’s your favourite nude lip liner?

Alice xxxxx


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