Good evening! I thought I’d share with you a good skin care regime for dry skin. I have SUCH dry dehydrated skin and this is what I use. My skin isn’t perfect and still gets really dry but this routine seems to really help. CLEANSER- The first thing I do is cleanse my skin morning and evening. Even if I haven’t worn makeup that day. Iv recently started using the Thermal cleansing balm by omorovicza. This black cleanser is rich in Hungarian moor mud which detoxifies and purifies the skin.


• Gently cleanses

• Removes waterproof mascara

• Hydrates


• Dry skin

• Oily skin

• Blemish prone

Facial polish- I use a polish about 3 times a week, as I have dry skin this really helps remove any dead skin cells. I use the refining facial polisher from omorovicza this is enriched with marine micro-algae.


• Deeply cleanses

• Smoothes skin

• Brightens tone


• Dull skin

• Congested skin

• Blemish prone

Oil- After cleansing I always use an oil, oils work really well with dry skins as they’re very nourishing. At the moment I’m using the Super Mood Youth Glow Radiance oil, however I have run out and I think it’s discontinued!!! If you have any recommendations for oils please let me know.

Key Benefits:

• Improves circulation in the face

• Uplifting, fresh scent

• Hydrating, nourishing formula

• Leaves skin glowing and radiant

Moisturiser– After using my oil, I put on a moisturiser. As I have dry skin I normally look for moisturisers with hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid helps retain skins moisture. I use Algenist Splash and I love it, it’s ultra hydrating and combines Alguronic Acid and Algalyte Complex which instantly boosts hydration.

Key Benefits:

• • Boosts hydration

• • Balances skins moisture

• • Reduces the signs of aging

Last but not least I try and use an SPF everyday. Before working in the beauty industry I thought I’d only need to wear SPF abroad. However I couldn’t be more wrong! It’s important we use SPF everyday, the sun is the biggest cause of ageing! I mean sometimes I forget to put it on, but I do try. I love the Laura Mercier SPF 30 primer.

I’m still yet to find my perfect skin care regime but this is pretty close. I’m looking for a good serum/oil so any recommendations would be great!

Here is a photo of me with no makeup! 🙈 good skin care has really helped my dry skin.

Thanks for reading!!

Alice xxxxxxxx

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