Back in June I went on the most amazing trip to NYC. I thought I’d share with you what I got up to 😊

Me and Alex have always wanted to go to NYC and when we went into virgin and saw the amazing January offer we couldn’t say no! We decided 5 nights was enough time to explore the city after speaking to the travel agent.

June the 6th came around, and off we went. Iv never flown long haul before and I must say, I actually prefer it, I absolutely loved flying with Virgin! I felt really looked after, plus we had a 3 course meal AND afternoon tea included haha.

When we got to JFK airport we got a taxi to NYC which was about 40 mins. In this time I feared for my life, haha! The driving is ruthless, they literally go 80mph and swerve from the slow lane to the fast lane in one go.

In terms of accommodation we didn’t stay anywhere fancy, just cheap and cheerful as realistically the only time we’d be in the room was when we’re sleeping! We stayed at the Comfort inn midtown west. It was perfect, the room was small but we had a lovely big TV and unlimited tea. It also came with breakfast included. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the hotel but I’ll insert a photo from google!

The hotel was perfect walking distance to Times Square, where everything goes on! The best thing me and Alex did was purchase the NYC pass, it saved us so much money. We actually purchased this through Virgin. The NYC pass included the hop on hop off bus and literally every attraction for three days. It was about £150 each but saved us about £300 all together if we didn’t get it!

So the first morning we woke up at 6.30am and was out the hotel by 7.30am with a takeaway coffee in hand! We strolled along to Times Square where we had to pick up our NYC pass. When we got there we decided to purchase an extra day on the bus tour and the Brooklyn bridge night tour.

And with that we jumped on the bus. The bus was so much fun, we sat on the top deck as it was summer so it was lovely and hot. On the bus they had a tour guide. I must say every tour guide we had was so good and made the journey so entertaining and informative.



How beautiful is Times Square?! I literally felt like I was in every movie ever! It does get soooo busy, and you have to dodge everyone who’s forcing you to buy multiple different things. We went nearly everyday as it was where our bus left from so we saw it at every hour.


This was the first stop we got off at, thankfully there was no queue’s and we got straight to the top. The view was amazing! NYC really is incredible.


This was very sad!! But definitely a must see if you’re in NYC.


We weren’t going to get off at this stop, but so glad we did. What an amazing train station. It also reminded me of gossip girl, so I loved it even more!


(Another iconic gossip girl place!!!) what a beautiful building.


This was smaller than I thought, I felt a bit sad for the animals but it was nice to look around as it’s been on so many films.


Wow!!!!!! If you ever go to NYC please do the Brooklyn bridge night tour. They take you all the way to Brooklyn and you cross Brooklyn bridge at sunset. The perfect movie scene. It was magical.


Literally one of my favourite days. We got a taxi to Central Park. (Me and Alex googled how to get a taxi or ‘cab’) Alex was in the middle of the road with his arm out like the films and NO ONE was stopping. I was like maybe it’s a lie and this isn’t how you get a cab?! But in the end, someone stopped. Yay!

We always wanted to hire a tandem and cycle round Central Park. It was a vision we always had haha. And I’m happy to inform you that this vision came to life. We cycled round the whole park on a tandem and it was incredible! We also went to the NYC boat house and hired a boat. It was so cute. I was melting because it was 30 degrees and Alex was awful at rowing. At the end of the day we grabbed a takeaway coffee and sat in the park, we watched a local cricket game, Alex loved it!


I love night in the museum so this was great! (It is expensive for what it is, I wouldn’t go again)


We booked a broadway show also with Virgin, again in the sale! We watched Aladdin. It was so amazing! We were so high up, (we did get the cheapest seats) and I still enjoyed every second.


Getting the ferry over to see the Statue of Liberty was amazing 🗽 the view of the city from the water was insane!

Honestly, I can hand on my heart say NYC was one of the best places Iv ever been. It’s everything you’d expect and more. You feel like you’re in a movie the whole time, and it’s such an amazing atmosphere. Everyone asked me ‘wasn’t it to hot going in summer?!’ My answer is no! It was so nice going in the summer, strolling around in dresses and shorts and chilling in Central Park in the summer was amazing. Saying that, I’d love to go to NYC at Christmas too!

In terms of money, yes NYC is so expensive. The food is ridiculously overpriced, every meal out would cost about $70. Me and Alex both saved hard for this holiday, as we knew if we went, we’d want to do everything properly. My savings took a big hit, however it was so worth it.

Thanks so much for reading, and if you’re visiting NYC I am so jealous! I am definitely going to visit again, and do everything I missed.

Alice xxxxxx

Here is a few more photos from my trip 🍎

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